About us

We are young company having personnel with strong domain knowledge and decades of experiences coupled with latest technology. We are known for best practices and innovativeness.

We are having best mix of business managers, finance managers, techies, environment scientists and engineers working with passion for single goal of making this planet earth more beautiful.

Our Services

Recycling E-Waste

Electronic waste or e-waste includes non-working, damaged electronic and electrical devices. Collection, Segregation and Separation processes are incorporated for recycling e-waste to get various precious metals, plastics and glass while carefully processing hazardous components..

Asset Management

Managing assets especially electronic equipments have been a great challenge for many businesses. Our asset management service provides optimized and need catering assets by rightly acquiring, maintaining and disposing. Refurbishing has been more advantageous for strategically reducing asset cost while retaining maximum assets efficiency.

Onsite and Offsite data destruction

We are happy to provide our customer with onsite/offsite data destruction with documented process for securely erasing data. Also we provide hard disk shredding for more security.

E-waste collection and logistics

Our logistic network makes our customer more convenient to schedule time pick up of e-waste. Once request is received, e-waste will be picked up within 24 hours of turn-around-time.

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Neshaju is looking for individuals who dream to innovate and distinguish themselves. If you have a passion towards environment free of e-waste then join us now. We believe in equal opportunity for all.

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